The 24th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival will be held from 11-19, 2023 at three theaters across Hong Kong, bringing a wide range of films including over 20 feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films from Israel, France, USA, Ukraine and Italy, covering topics ranging from friendship to politics, and bringing viewers into the world and people’s insights that are not accessible to the usual.
The festival kicks off with the award-winning film #SHTTL and director Ady Walter will also be present for discussion with the audience, recorded in a single camera set up outside Kiev, perfectly capturing life and love in a Yiddish village on the eve of the Nazis invasion of Soviet Ukraine, tickets are now available for purchase on the festival website.
MCL Cyberport Cinema: Opening night 11 November 2023
Gaoxian Theatre: November 11-15, 18-19, 2023
MCL K11 Art House: November 16, 2023