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cA 24A a+-e>>a1/2+-ca>>Ya+-cc
SHTTLa ae e aoa1i1/4 a|ea3/4e>>a1/2+-aae1/4Ady Walteraa eec3/4e2e! ee<<a eeLaea1/2
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a>>Ye 2aaae1/4Noam Kaplanca
The Futurea i1/4 ae!aoe>>a1/2+-cca>>Lae3aeaeaeaeaecc
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The 24th HongA Kong Jewish Film Festival will be heldA inA threeA theaters fromA NovemberA 11A toA 19 ,A 2023A , and will bring a lineup of films withA a wide range of themes.A The festival brings culturally relevant film and television works, including more thanA 20 feature films, comedies,A documentaries and short films from different countries such as Israel, France, the United States, Ukraine and Italy.A Themes rangeA fromA friendship to politics,A taking viewers into worlds and insights they wouldn’t normally have access to.A The film festival provides audiences with the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of Jewish culture. Tickets will beA onA sale fromA OctoberA 13A ,A 2023A ,A onA the film festival website www.hkjff.orgA .

TheA A 24thA Film FestivalA kicked offA with the award-winning film “A SHTTL “, andA invitedA filmA directorA Ady Walter toA discussA and explainA with the audienceA .A The French director’s debut film was shotA in a single shot on setsA set outside KievA , perfectlyA capturingA life and love in a Yiddish village on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Soviet Ukraine, recreatingA theA warA of the century .A dilemmaA .

Israeli directorA Noam KaplanA ‘sA The FutureA highlightsA theA broad scopeA of the festivalA .A This is anA intense dramaA thatA explores terrorism, security andA humanityA , whileA raising questionsA about whether humans really defineA algorithms andA programsA ,A orA whether they are the oppositeA of realityA .A Although the premise of this movieA seemsA to bringA the audienceA into the realm of science fiction, the dialogue between human nature and philosophyA deepens theA “drama”A componentA .A The film wonA multipleA awards from the Israel Film AcademyA .



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