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 24屆香港猶太電影節,將於20231111日至19日,於全港三間戲院舉行,屆時將帶來題材廣泛的影片陣容。電影節帶來與文化相關的影視作品,包括來自以色列、法國、美國、烏克蘭和意大利等不同國家,共二十多部劇情長片、喜劇、紀錄片和短篇電影。主題涵蓋友誼到政治,引領觀眾進入平日無法接觸的世界和人物見解。電影節為觀眾提供深入了解猶太文化的機會,門票將於20231013日起,電影節網站 發售。

第 24 屆電影節以屢獲殊榮的電影《SHTTL》拉開序幕,並邀得電影導演Ady Walter到場與觀眾進行討論和講解。這位法國導演的處女作電影是在基輔郊外搭建的場景中,以單鏡頭錄製,完美地捕捉了納粹入侵蘇聯烏克蘭前夕,發生在意第緒語村莊的生活和愛情,重現了這場世紀戰亂的困局。

以色列導演Noam Kaplan的《The Future凸顯了電影節的廣泛這是一部情節緊張的戲劇,探討恐怖主義、安全和性,同時帶出了人類是否真的定義了演算法和程式的疑問又或與現實相反。雖然這部電影的前提似乎將觀眾帶入了科幻領域,但人性和哲學對話,卻加深「戲劇」成分本片榮獲以色列電影學院多獎項


The 24th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival will be held in three theaters from November 11 to 19 , 2023 , and will bring a lineup of films with a wide range of themes. The festival brings culturally relevant film and television works, including more than 20 feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films from different countries such as Israel, France, the United States, Ukraine and Italy. Themes range from friendship to politics, taking viewers into worlds and insights they wouldn’t normally have access to. The film festival provides audiences with the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of Jewish culture. Tickets will be on sale from October 13 2023 on the film festival website .

The  24th  Film Festival kicked off with the award-winning film ” SHTTL “, and invited film director Ady Walter to discuss and explain with the audience . The French director’s debut film was shot in a single shot on sets set outside Kiev , perfectly capturing life and love in a Yiddish village on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Soviet Ukraine, recreating the war of the century . dilemma .

Israeli director Noam Kaplan ‘s The Future highlights the broad scope of the festival . This is an intense drama that explores terrorism, security and humanity , while raising questions about whether humans really define algorithms and programs , or whether they are the opposite of reality . Although the premise of this movie seems to bring the audience into the realm of science fiction, the dialogue between human nature and philosophy deepens the “drama” component . The film won multiple awards from the Israel Film Academy .



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