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Time Out says

The annual Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival returns in 2023, bringing a series of Jewish-themed film and television works!A From November 11 to 19, the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival screened Jewish films in three theaters: MCL Cyberport Theatre,A K11 Art House andA Gordon Theater. The films came from Western countries such as France, the United States and Italy, and there were also wars spreading to Israel. and Ukraine and other countries, it has produced more than 20 feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films with different styles and a hundred flowers blooming.

The Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival announced that Israeli producer Yahav Winner,A whose film was distributed by Go2films, the festival’s main Israeli film distributor, was missing after Hamas attacked his hometown of Kfar Aza inA southern Israel.A The Israeli-Palestinian conflictA has escalated in recent days, and the war situation between Israel and Palestine has once again attracted international attention.A If you want to learn more about Israeli history and social conditions, don’t missA “A The FutureA “A by Israeli director Noam KaplanA .A It won multiple awards from the Israel Film AcademyA . It uses a compact and exciting plot to explore terrorism, security and human nature, while also conducting research on algorithms and programs. The cross-examination triggered everyone’s reflection on human nature and philosophy.A Other Jewish Film Festival productions cover a wide range of themes, from friendship to politics, and provide a deeper understanding of Jewish culture.

All non-English films have English subtitles, and the premiere film ShttlA has English and Traditional Chinese subtitlesA .A Tickets for the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival will be on sale onA the Jewish Film Festival website from October 13A .A 2023 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival regular admission tickets are $110 (adults), $80 (students and seniors); opening night screenings including post-screening party tickets are $380 (adults), $280 (students or seniors); a fan pass can watch all films in the festival , sold for $1,800.


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