The “Jewish Film Festival” has been held in Hong Kong for many times. Since itsA establishment in 2000A , it has broadcast countless good films.A This year’sA 24thA film festivalA will be held at threeA theatersA in Hong KongA from NovemberA 11A toA 19.A The nineA -day event will screenA hundreds of feature films, documentaries and short films from more thanA 30A countries .A The event also invited a number of directors, producers, film critics and curators to participate in the TV event.

The purpose of the “Jewish Film Festival” is to inspire and entertain audiences through films, and to introduce Jewish culture and traditions in Hong Kong. The program will screen videos about Jewish culture and the diversity of life in Israel. The themes of the films are interesting and unique, and the audience can watch them through These videos, learn about Jewish culture.

Film genres include documentaries and short films

This film festival will present more thanA 20A feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films from different countries.A The themes of these films cover various areas such as friendship and politics, taking the audience into worlds and character perspectives that are usually difficult to access.A The opening film “A SHTTLA “, directed by French directorA Ady WalterA , is set on the outskirts of Kiev. Through single-shot shooting, it perfectly presents World War II, the eve of the Nazi invasion of Soviet Ukraine, and what happened in Yiddish villages. Life and love stories.

In addition, there are other films such asA ” The Future “A byA Israeli director Noam Kaplan , “A The Shadow of the Day “A byA Italian directorA Giuseppe PiccioniA , and the documentary “A Without PrecedentA “, etc. Each work has a unique story and theme. Let the audience understand Jewish culture.A All non-English films in the festival are provided with English subtitles, and the premiere film “A SHTTLA ” has English and Traditional Chinese subtitles.A The full program schedule of the film festival can be found at:A .