The 24th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival will be held in three theaters across Hong Kong from November 11 to 19, 2023, and will bring a lineup of films with a wide range of themes.A The festival brings culturally relevant film and television works, including more than 20 feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films from different countries such as Israel, France, the United States, Ukraine and Italy.A Themes range from friendship to politics, taking viewers into worlds and insights they wouldn’t normally have access to.A The festival provides audiences with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Jewish culture.

The 24th Film Festival kicked off with the award-winning film “SHTTL”, and film director Ady Walter was invited to discuss and explain with the audience.A The French director’s debut film was shot in a single shot on a set set outside Kiev, perfectly capturing life and love in a Yiddish village on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Soviet Ukraine, recreating the events of this century’s war. Dilemma.

“The Future” by Israeli director Noam Kaplan highlights the breadth of the film festival.A This is an intense drama that explores terrorism, security and humanity, while raising questions about whether humans really define algorithms and programs, or whether they are the opposite of reality.A Although the premise of this movie seems to bring the audience into the realm of science fiction, the dialogue between human nature and philosophy deepens the “drama” component.A The film won multiple awards from the Israel Film Academy.

“The Shadow of the Day” by Italian director Giuseppe Piccioni is a romantic historical drama full of suspense and twists.A The story takes place in Italy in 1938. After the promulgation of racial laws, Luciano, a fascist restaurant owner, believes that he can still live by his own rules in his own business.A Everything changes when he hires Anna, a girl with a dangerous secret.A The parallels between Europe and modern fascism can be felt in every scene in this mesmerizing period thriller.

The unprecedented documentary “Without Precedent” tells the extremely important but overlooked story of Rosalie Silberman Abella, the first Jewish female justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.A Abella is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and has been championing the rights of those facing injustice since she was a child.A This inspiring film about her illustrious career championing an inclusive, diverse and equitable Canada still resonates today.