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港影展參展製片人 遭闖住所後失蹤

另外,為期9日的香港猶太電影節今日開幕前夕,會方指對以色列製片人溫納(Yahav Winner)在位於卡法阿扎(Kfar Aza)的住所被武裝分子闖入後失蹤,對此表示震驚。溫納的電影是由猶太電影節主要以色列電影發行商Go2films發行。

據專門報道電影新聞的Screen Daily周一報道,溫納上周六在武裝分子企圖闖入時擋住窗戶,讓妻子帶同一個月大女兒得以逃走。Go2Films表示,正與當局密切合作盡力尋人。


Producer participating in Hong Kong Film Festival disappeared after his home was broken into

In addition, on the eve of the opening of the 9-day Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival today, the conference pointed out that Israeli producer Yahav Winner disappeared after his residence in Kfar Aza was broken into by armed men. expressed shock. Winner’s film is distributed by Go2films, the Jewish Film Festival’s main Israeli film distributor.

Screen Daily, which specializes in covering movie news, reported on Monday that Wenner blocked the window when armed men tried to break in last Saturday, allowing his wife and one-month-old daughter to escape. Go2Films said it is working closely with authorities to find the person.


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