Director: Orit Fouks RotemA | Israel | 2021 | Drama | Hebrew / English Subtitles | 91 min

Venue: Golden Scene Cinema
Screening: Wednesday, 16 November, 12:00pm


A diverse group of nine women, both Arab and Israeli, take part in a video workshop that will rattle their seemingly contrasting worlds. Interspersed with brief video clips captured of the womenas personal lives, the intriguing group dynamics evolve between Rona, the instructor, and the women during the sessions, challenging their views and beliefs, as they come to new terms with their lives through the videos they create.


SUPPORTED by Consulate of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau


8 wins – 6 nominations

  • 2022 -A Israeli Academy of Film & Television
    • Ophir Award:A Best Picture, Best Director (Rotem), Best Supporting Actress (Joanna Said)
  • 2021 – Jerusalem Film Festival
    • Winner Best Israeli Debut: Haggiag Competition for Full-Length Israeli Feature Films: Orit Fouks Rotem, Green Production Company
  • 2021 – Warsaw International Film Festival
    • Winner : Competition 1-2 Award Special Mention: Orit Fouks Rotem
    • Winner: NETPAC Award Best Asian Film: Orit Fouks Rotem