Dead Sea Guardians

Directors: Ido Glass, Yoav Kleinman | Israel | 2021 | Documentary | Hebrew / English / Arabic / English Subtitles | 90 min

Venue: Golden Scene Cinema
Screening: Tuesday, 15 November, 7:00pm


A beautifully filmed movie about the devastating environmental issues that are destroying the Dead Sea, one of the wonders of the world. An Israeli, a Palestinian and a Jordanian organize a mass long distance swim across the Dead Sea to raise international awareness of the overconsumption and poor water management which is destroying this biologically and historically significant body of water. Their effort is extremely hard, both because the water is toxic to ingest, but also because they have to convince the authorities of all three countries to allow them to achieve their goal. Three historic enemies join forces on a heroic journey, to stop this catastrophe and save the Dead Sea from disappearing.


SUPPORTED by Consulate of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau


1 win 2 nominations

  • 2022 – Riviera International Film Festival
    • Winner Human Rights Jury Prize Special Mention: Ido Glass, Yoav Kleinman, (directors)
    • Nominee Jury Prize Best Documentary: Ido Glass, Yoav Kleinman, (directors)
  • 2021 – Haifa International Film Festival
    • Winner Israeli Documentaries Competition Award Best Documentary Film: Yoav Kleinman, Ido Glass (directors)