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Director: Nir Bergman | Israel / Italy | 2020 | Feature / Drama | Hebrew / English subtitles | 92 mins


Saturday, 20 November, 8:15pm

Aharon and his autistic son Uri live together in peaceful harmony, away from the pressures and stigmas of the real world. However, as Uri grows up, his mother Tamara feels that he should be around his peers and learn to live more independently in an assisted-living facility. When the time comes to leave, Aharon decides to run away with his son, knowing that Uri is not ready for this separation. But is it in fact Aharon, who isn’t ready? Packed with heart-wrenching emotion, this film is a bittersweet, life-affirming story about fatherly love and the difficulty of letting go.

5 wins and 9 nominations

  • 2020 Winner Awards of the Israeli Film Academy
    • Best Director: Nir Bergman, A Best Screenplay: Dana Idisis, Best Actor: Shai Avivi, Best Supporting Actor: Noam Imber
  • 2020 NomineeA Award of the Israeli Film Academy
    • Best Supporting Actress: Efrat Ben-Zur, Best Editing: Ayala Bengad, Best Casting: Orit Azoulay, Best Sound: Ronen Nagel Best Film, Best Cinematography: Shai Goldman
  • 2021 Chichester International Film Festival
    • Nominee: Audience Award,A Independent Films Competition, Nir Bergman
  • 2020 Jerusalem Film Festival
    • Nominee: Award for Israeli Cinema
  • Haggiag Competition for Full-Length Israeli Feature Films: Nir BergmanA (director)
  • 2020 Valladolid International Film FestivalA 2020
    • Winner: Best Actor: Shai Avivi
  • Nominee: Golden Spike,A Best Film: Nir Bergman

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