Wet Dog

Director: Damir Lukacevic | Israel / Germany | 2021 | Drama | German / English Subtitles | 103 min

Venue: Golden Scene Cinema
Screening: Monday, 14 November, 8:45pm

After moving with his parents to inner city Berlin-Wedding, Soheil seeks acceptance from the predominantly Muslim teenagers in his neighbourhood by joining a local gang. There he becomes known as the graffiti artist King Star, hiding his Jewish origins as an act of self-preservation. Soon he must decide if his loyalties lie with his family and his religion or with his newly acquired friends. Based on the autobiography of German-born Persian Jew Arye Sharuz Shalicar, Wet Dog is a masterful exploration of how religious and cultural identity intersect with friendship during the emotionally fraught years of adolescence.


SUPPORTED by German Consulate General Hong Kong


1 nomination

  • Nominee DSP Award, Best Young Actor: Mohammad Eliraqi2021 – German Screen Actors Awards