What-if-Ehud-Barak on War and Peace

Director: Ran Tal | Israel | 2021 | Documentary | Hebrew / English Subtitles | 85 min

Venue: Golden Scene Cinema
Screening: Sunday, 20 November, 5:40pm


Ehud Barak is one of the most controversial figures in Israeli politics. It seems there are two kinds of Israelis: those who venerate him, and those who loathe him. He has been admired for his analytic abilities, but criticized for the tremendous military and diplomatic risks he took, such as the attempt to assassinate Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, or the failed effort to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this new film by Ran Tal, Barak observes with disillusioned clarity his own history, and the history of the State of Israel.

2 nominations
2020 – Jerusalem Film Festival – Award for Israeli Cinema
-A Nominee Diamond Award for Best Documentary Film: Ran Tal
2021 – Moscow International Film Festival – Silver St George
-A Nominee Best Film of the Documentary Competition: Ran Tal
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