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English below the Chinese

c24a+-e|aec a$ae>>a1/2+-c11aee e1/4i1/4a?c4aYaea>> e>>a1/2+-

a1/2coe>>a1/2+-c1/4ca i1/4 ca?!a$a(R)e1/2a
aee ec 24 a+-e|aec a$ae>>a1/2+-cai1/4a>>
a1aae1/4 2023 a1 11 ae 11 aeYe3 19 aeYi1/4 ae1/4aae3eae2ece e! ae>>a1/2+-caa3/4eaea ceca1/2+-e|a1/2ai1/4 a ae a3/4eaa>>Ye 2aaae3a ac3/4a aca e-a aea$a(C)c- a
a a a(R)i1/4 a+-20a$ea
aeec aaa
a ce c a c-ce>>a1/2+-aa>>e! aee a3/4a ea1/4aae?ae2>>i1/4 ea$a(R)e2aYa13aeYc!ae3aeYecac a aooc (C)e| eLa


c 24 a+-e>>a1/2+-ca>>Ya+-cc
SHTTLa ae e aoa1i1/4 a|ea3/4e>>a1/2+-aae1/4 Ady Walter aa eec3/4e2e! ee<<a eeLaea1/2 ae3a aae1/4ceaY3a1/2e>>a1/2+-aeaaoe1/4e
a$ae-a>>oca aea-i1/4 a>>Ya(R)e!e -e eL1/2i1/4 a(R) c3/4aae
c21aYa3/4eeca e-a
a$i1/4 c1/4caaecceaaee
ccae>>a aeaei1/4 e
c3/4aoea acaeaocaa+-a

The Futurea

2a>>Ye 2ae>>a1/2+-a-eca$a c
e i1/4 a>>Ye 2aaae1/4 Noam Kaplan ca
The Futurea i1/4 aeaeaecc
i1/4 aeceaeaea>>c3/4(C)aa(R) aa aooaei1/4 a aeaaoaoaooe!aea|cca(R)c3/4(C)aoae1/4c(R)ae3a c a1/4ccai1/4 aaeeec3/4a|ca
aei1/4 a1/41/4a1aec3/4aaYaoca1>>e ai1/4 a1/2aooaea a2a-a
e(C)+-i1/4 a
ae+-a ae2a

The Shadow of the Daya

caeaae1/4<>c3/4(C)ce$a>>3ee Luciano ca?!i1/4 a>>a>>
caa>>Yaeaa+-ccccaea-i1/4 ae ceaa+-ce|a cae>>aca>>a+-caea
+-eacacaY3a-(C) Anna aei1/4 aae1/2ae1e(R)
aoaaeea>>$aooee?caea>>Le(C)aec a-i1/4 aea a aee1/2aa>>Yaeaaae-ae2ec3/4a>>Lae3eY?aea>>c3/4(C)cca1/41/4a1 ea


Without Precedenta

a3/4 cce c a
Without Precedenta i1/4 ee?aoa
ae ?a$aee<<ae3ece|a1/2 c a$aaY3aea$ae3a(R) Rosalie Silberman Abellai1/4 aeYae e3e1/4e a >>ec<>a1/2+-i1/4 ee?aoaY1a!aa a(R)1a a$aa a aa13ca
ae ?a$ce1/4c eaeY-caei1/4 e3a>>

ae ae ee +-eae>>a1/2+-aaea3/4e +-aea-a1i1/4 e|ae e>>a1/2+-a
SHTTLa a e
ae e +-aea c1e<<a-aea-a1ae>>a1/2+-ccoec3/4aea3/4ae+-aYaoeLc a$aaea cae(C)aei1/4 ecYaae1/4 2023 a1 10 ae 13 aeYei1/4 ae1/4e>>a1/2+-cc2c<<A www.hkjff.orgA c1/4a(R)a



The 24th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival kicks off in November!A 4 must-see recommended movies

As movie enthusiasts, I believe everyone will not miss the 24th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, right?A This year it will be held in 3 theaters across Hong Kong from November 11 to 19, 2023.A The film festival brings culturally relevant film and television works, including more than 20 feature films, comedies, documentaries and short films from different countries such as Israel, France, the United States, Ukraine and Italy.A Topics range from friendship to politics, giving you insights into worlds and characters that you wouldn’t normally have access to.


The 24th Film Festival kicked off with the award-winning film “SHTTL”, and film director Ady Walter was invited to discuss and explain with the audience.A The French director’s debut film was shot in a single shot on a set set outside Kiev, perfectly capturing life and love in a Yiddish village on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Soviet Ukraine, recreating the events of this century’s war. Dilemma.

“The Future”

Winner of multiple awards from the Israel Film Academy, Israeli director Noam Kaplan’s “The Future” is an intense drama that explores terrorism, security and humanity, while raising questions about whether humans really define algorithms and programs. , or the opposite of reality.A Although the premise of this movie seems to bring the audience into the realm of science fiction, the dialogue between human nature and philosophy deepens the “drama” component.

All non-English films have English subtitles, and the premiere film “SHTTL” has English and Traditional Chinese subtitles.A The film festival provides audiences with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Jewish culture. Tickets will be on sale from October 13, 2023, on the film festival websiteA www.hkjff.orgA .

Full article in Chinese and English: Click here