2012 Leo at the Piano

Director: David Hoffert | Canada | 2021 | Biography / Documentary |A English | 104 min

Venue: Golden Scene Cinema
Screening: Sunday, 13 November, 4:25pm


The astonishing story of composer Leo Spellman, a Polish Holocaust survivor who sets out on a riveting and emotional journey towards artistic liberation at the age of 98. The film, narrated by Stephen Fry, features a musical masterpiece lost for more than fifty years; the revelation of a secret wartime diary; a harrowing tale of survival told through animation; powerful live concert performances by orchestras in North America and Europe; and an uplifting finale as Spellman’s legacy is finally recognized in the town where he so narrowly escaped death. Born into a musical dynasty that includes 1st cousin Wladyslaw Szpilman (played by Adrian Brody in The Pianist), Spellmanas wits helped him survive the Holocaust and become one of Torontoas best known dance orchestra leaders. His diaries, found after he passed away, are among the most revealing documents of their kind from WWII.


SUPPORTED by Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong,A Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre